Workshop and Faculty Development Programme on
Digital Public Infrastructures in the Age of AI

11th - 13th June, 2024 - IIIT-Bangalore, India (In Person)


Digital public infrastructures (DPIs) are systems which are used by other software utilities for providing public services. Prominent examples include Aadhaar, UPI, Digilocker etc. DPIs are characterized by the diversity of their use case and user base. The number of users may be in 100s of millions to billions. Such scale and diversity makes the engineering of such systems extremely challenging. This workshop aims to create awareness about DPIs in terms of their socio-technical requirements, present state-of-the-art methodologies that real-world DPI developers are using, and cutting edge research challenges around the theme of DPIs and how researchers in the area of social science, computer science and AI are trying to address these challenges.

The highlights of the workshop are:

  • Interactive hands-on sessions
  • Keynote talks by experts
  • Panel discussions
  • Networking sessions

Faculty Development Programme

This workshop doubles up as a faculty development programme. Participants who are faculty members of any institution will be given participation certificates of a faculty development programme.

Organisation Details

Venue: International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore
Dates: 11-13 June, 2024


Registration to the workshop is free but mandatory. If you wish to participate in the workshop, please pre-register using this Pre-registration link.

Limited seats available! Last date for registration is May 25, 2024.

Please note that final selection of participants to the workshop will be done after pre-registration closes. Applicants shortlisted for participation to the workshop will be contacted via email. The registration process will be completed only after acknowledgement from the shortlisted participant.

Target audience

This event is designed for a diverse group of professionals eager to expand their understanding and application of DPI. Below are the anticipated benefits for each category of attendees:

Faculty members

  • Conceptualise courses around DPI themes
  • Add contents/examples in their existing courses related to DPI
  • Receive FDP completion certificate

Corporate and social sector professionals

  • Discover and address relevant technology challenges using DPI.
  • Build connections with potential hires, collaborators and clients

Government officials

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest advancements in DPI and eGovernance.
  • Meet solution providers and potential project partners.

Research scholars (PhD and MS)

  • Identify new research problems in the field of DPI.
  • Connect with mentors, collaborators, and future employers.


Selected Participants

  1. Aaditya Dubey
  2. Ayan Roy Choudhury
  3. Deepti Anand
  4. Devidas K
  5. Divyashree S R
  6. Dhruthan M N
  7. Dr.Ishani Mishra
  8. J Kokila
  9. Krishnananda L
  10. Mahendra Kumar b
  11. Mithun G
  12. Dr. Monika Gupta
  14. Dr Nagesha KS
  15. Nikita Shah
  16. Niyati Trivedi
  17. Ramalingeswara Rao K V
  18. Reena D. K.
  19. Dr. Rekha P M
  20. K.Renuka Devi
  21. Dr Shivanna D M
  22. Siddharth Lotia
  23. Subhashree Rath
  24. Swarnika Kumari
  25. Dr. Vasantha Kumara M
  26. Vidyadhar Bendre